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 It is not uncommon that many peope search for best home remedies often to address many ailments. Do you agree with me that these trustable remedies came to be as far back as ancient civilization? Be it was for a very practical way to relief a throbing pain in the thumb caused by a stone hammer to today's search for a possible cure or prevention of modern day cancer.

Nature cures and remedies come from different origins and era, these remedies stood the test of time.  We have the privilege to keep these remedies and pass them on to our readers on this site.

Home remedies starts from home. My mother used to make me lemon honey tea to help me with my sore throat; she applied the gel of aloe plant plucked from her garden on my achne prone face.  I grew up in a family where Chines herbs remedies are often used as remedies for headaches, diarrhea, body heatiness and many more ailments.

Despite the advancement and transformation of modern mecidine, people still look for remedies which is easy to administer and inexpensive or even free. The most important thing is they work!

Another reason why people use traditional remedies is to avoid the use of modern artificial chemicals, drugs and antibiotics, which leads to more problems and its intended cures.

From Acne to Zika, you will find the remedies you need at yur finger tips here.

We hope that you can find the remedies you need and use the materials from home, especially your garden and kitchen.

"Let  food be your medicine and do no harm." -- Hippocrates 460B.C.

From old wive's tale to best vitamin supplements as health remedies, you can rely on our well writen and compile natural remedies. Though this site aims to provide remedies for your daily health issues, we advise that you take consult a medical dactor whenever you are in doubt.

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Follow our post and get free natural cures ebooks!  We use latest technologies to deliver best readers' experience. Flip mobile friendly ebooks are available.  We also keep the class PDF ebooks available for readers to download.

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